German language courses




Thanos Pantidis   Thanos Pantidis
is the managing director of the Aristoteles Institute. He studied law and economics in Thessaloniki and is a licenced examiner for all levels.
“Identification and enthusiasm are my motivation.”
Anna Weigle-Pantidis   Anna Weigle-Pantidis
is the organizational and educational head of the Aristoteles Institute. She studied German, philosophy and Greek at the University of Hamburg. She is licensed to examine all Telc levels including the evaluation of German C1, B2/C1 as well as a licensed examiner and reviser for TestDaF. She spends her free time with baroque art, Rembetiko and Bossa Nova.
„“My motto is: Directing is like sailing. We can do nothing against the wind but we can adjust the sails.”
Vilma Winter   Vilma Winter
studied German and German as a foreign language in Vienna. Since 2002, she has been teaching the basic levels at the Aristoteles Institute. She is also a licensed instructor for integration courses.
“I teach because I truly enjoy it.”
Sven Richter   Sven Richter
studied English, cultural sciences and Romance languages at the University of Bremen. As a native of Hanover, he worked in the field of further education teaching politics (ecology, transportation, Europe, Irish history). Since 2008 he has been an instructor for DaF/DaZ. Since 2015, he has been teaching all levels at the Aristoteles Institute as well as German C1 for medical staff. Furthermore, he is the quality manager.
“If I am not in Germany, then I am in my second homeland France.”
Klaus Kron   Klaus Kron
studied social sciences at the University of Bremen and, for many years, worked as a researcher and teacher in the fields of sociology, political sciences, economic history, internal communication as well as German as a foreign language for several universities such as Bremen, Stendal, Groningen and Bremen. Born in Aachen, he has been working at the Aristoteles Institute since 2010 teaching German as a foreign language in intermediate classes and organizes company trainings.
“For integration courses, I don’t even mind missing the home matches of Werder Bremen (the local soccer club).”
Max Klaus Schmidt   Max Klaus Schmidt
was already interested in the big, wide world at a very young age and moved from the Palatinate (Southwestern Germany) to Berlin where he studied political sciences and journalism. For several years, he worked as a local environmental adviser, a museum education officer, in the field of public relations, as a househusband, as a journalist and as a research assistant training teachers. Since 2002, he has been teaching German as a foreign language, since 2012 at the Aristoteles Institute.
„“In my leisure time, I like to read, ride my bike, dance, write, cook, play guitar and duduk. I am still fascinated by the wide world. It is present, every day. In my classes and elsewhere.”
Sahaj Benavides   Sahaj Benavides
grew up multiculturally in Mexico City and Germany. She studied Spanish, psychology, philosophy, English and religious studies and worked all around the world as a teacher and translator for universities, institutes, politicians and global companies. Since 2015, she has been teaching German in the intermediate and advanced classes.
“I love my job because languages build bridges and it is part of the current zeitgeist to be a ´global player`. I have always been able to call many different people my friends. I have learnt, seen and experienced a lot.”
Natalia Salustowicz   Natalia Salustowicz
studied German (including didactics) at the University of Wroclaw in Poland as well as music with an emphasis on singing at the Music Academy in Wroclaw. She worked as a German teacher at different schools before she started teaching integration courses at the Aristoteles Institute in 2013.
“I enjoy passing on my positive energy to others.”
Uschi Werner   Uschi Werner
studied German as a foreign language and geography at the University of Bremen. The social education worker gained teaching experience at schools in Turkey and Egypt. Since 2015, she teaches different levels at the Aristoteles Institute.
“To me, the best thing is, to meet people from all over the world.”
Antje Gothe   Antje Gothe
studied political sciences, cultural sciences and journalism. She loves working with people, languages and text. Furthermore, she believes in diversity and anthropology. Therefore, she also works as a freelance editor for human-rights causes and in the field of political education. Since 2014, she has been teaching German as a foreign language for the levels A1 to B2 at the Aristoteles Institute.
“It is great to accompany people who are taking their first steps in the German language. And while doing so, it is beautiful to travel around the world myself – in my mind.”
Bryan Brody   Bryan Brody
is an American and studied French and English as a foreign language at the University of Minnesota. He worked at the partner school ZWEI in Sao Carlos, Brasil, where he taught German and English. Since 2015, he has been teaching German and English at the Aristoteles Institute.
“In my free time, I like to learn many rare languages of the world.”
Martin Konrad   Martin Konrad
worked in the gastronomy and hotel business in Germany, France and the United States before he dedicated his life to teaching languages in Mexico. Since 2014, he has been a language instructor at the Aristoteles Institute.
“Due to the four years I spent in Mexico, I was able to gain insight into the Latin-American culture and to broaden my horizon.”
Dr. Olga Haber   Dr. Olga Haber
studied German an English as a foreign language and received her doctorate in German. Dr Haber teaches all levels at the Aristoteles Institute and is the corrector for TestDaF. Furthermore, she teaches further training for instructors in the field of DaF.
“Dancing and singing are two of my biggest passions.”
Michaela Neuke   Michaela Neuke
studied cultural sciences and German at the University of Bremen before she worked as a TV editor and journalist. She likes the exchange between different people and cultures. As the management assistant and native to Bremen, she always has a friendly ear for students and visitors.
“The motto of my life is: Everything ends well and if it things aren’t good, it’s not the end yet.”









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