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Here at the Aristoteles Institut you can take the following examinations:

With this exam you can prove that you meet the entrance requirements for studying at a university or college if the results are at least 4 in all skill areas.


C1 Hochschule
This exam tests university-relevant language skills on a very advanced level. This exam is designed for adults who want to study at a German university or college, who are currently studying or work in an academic profession and want to certify their German skills.

This exam is accepted by many universities and colleges.


With this exam you prove a clearly structured, effortless use of German in complex and abstract situations.

In some cases this exam is accepted as entrance requirement for an admittance to a university or college.


This exam proves a largely effortless control of German in complex and abstract situations in private, professional, familiar or public areas.


Zertifikat Deutsch
This exam proves a sufficient control of German in everyday situations in private, professional, familiar or public areas.

The level of German is sometimes accepted when applying for an apprenticeship.


Deutsch-Test für Zuwanderer
The DTZ is the final exam of integration courses. It tests German skills on the levels B1 and A2 combined.

If it is passed with a B1 level, the DTZ is regarded as prove of language skills for receiving the German citizenship.

Together with the orientation course it is the final step of the integration course.


Start Deutsch 2
This exam proves basic German skills in a private, public or professional area.



Start Deutsch 1
This exam proves simple German skills. It is a requirement for entering Germany as a late repatriate as well as for the visa for family reunification respectively the immigration of spouses.


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